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Diana Mrazikova -From Photo Student to Magazine Editor!

February 8, 2010

I am from Slovakia. I interned for Elizabeth Etienne while studying photography at Santa Monica College and she has been great inspiration for me and my mentor. In school, thanks to great teachers, I discovered my passion for photography and learned the technical aspect of it. And with Elizabeth, I saw in practice what does it take for you to actually make it in the field – so you can call it your profession, not a hobby. Because the reality is, that being a great photographer is not enough to succeed. It’s about art of your presentation –  how well you can promote yourself and sell yourself. And I couldn’ t find better master to learn from than Elizabeth.

Working with her helped me understand all aspects of photo business, importance of keeping up with all industry trends, being constantly out there (taking part in competitions, doing exhibitions) and showed me countless possibilities I have if I work hard. I came out more focused, more confident about who I am as an artist and where I want to be…

During my studies I invested a lot of time, money and energy to built strong portfolio, but it all paid off –  I became published photographer/journalist with multiple photography awards while still in school. Right after receiving my degree, I got hired as an Editor-In-Chief and Art director of OK! magazine in Slovakia, where I got experience with publishing in

dustry. My niche is women lifestyle magazines and right now I´m building my business around it and working on two photo books.

Check out Diana’s amazing work:

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