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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

February 8, 2010

Elizabeth Etienne Photography:

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Running Your Own Business The “Entrepreneurial Spirit”

Do you have the spirit and personality to run your own business? Do you want this as a part-time or supplementary side business or full-time quit-your-day-job business?  There are some important questions to ask yourself before quitting your day job and launching head first into a photography business of your own. Not everyone has that spirit. Some people have “it” and don’t even know it. Some people think they have ” it” and find out they don’t. Some people might be someplace in between.

You may want to ask yourself how much time you would want to dedicate to this business to decide if you want to shoot simply portraits and events or include weddings in the mix. Shooting weddings is far more time-consuming and skill-requiring than portrait sessions or events primarily because the event itself is more significant, (requiring more preparation since the shoot cannot be rescheduled), longer hours and many more images. More images usually means more editing time. Many wedding photographers also include retouching and albums. These also take more time.

What is the “Entrepreneurial Spirit? Let take a look:

Type A Photo Entrepreneurs: These are the kind of people who have a lot of self-discipline, are very organized and enjoy being their own boss.  They usually never liked working under the direction of others and always thought of inventive ideas on their own. They are both right and left brain people with both creative talent and sharp and savvy business and marketing skills. They intuitively know how to balance everything  and can multitask like nobody’s business. These people always have good people skills and know how, when and where to delegate. These people  have the true Entrepreneurial spirit.

Type C Photo Entrepreneurs: These are the kind of people who really enjoys the comforts, financial security, structure and consistency of a salaried job. They feel lost, anxious and confused when having to make independent business decisions on their own. These people might be fantastic photographers but probably not cut out to run their own businesses. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy shooting but maybe you’ll have or hire others to handle the business side of things. this is where a good partner comes in handy.

Type B Photo Entrepreneurs: These are the most common types. Not everyone has every elements of being the perfect entrepreneur but they might have at least “some” of the qualities required to run your own photo business.  These might be people who work a full-time or part-time job and want to supplement it with a photography business on the side. Having a part-time business will allow you some financial stability while giving you the opportunity to sharpen the entrepreneurial skills you might be lacking. As you gain more experience and sharpen your skills in ever avenue you will begin to feel more confident and may consider taking on the business full-time.

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