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Finding The Right Light- Look Around You!

February 11, 2010

I’d be a  millionaire if I got a nickel for every person that asks me how I create the look and feel of most of my images.

“Look for the light” I always say. Leave your artificial light at home and just grab your camera!Lighting is the photographers voice. It’s the lead vocal in the band, the main course in a meal and the rhythm in a song. The right lighting can make or break the quality of an image. Too many times I see photographers over lighting their subjects by flooding their subject with direct frontal light There’s nothing less romantic, less emotional, less moving than that.

I knew a wedding photographer who shot everything with a flash. It didn’t matter what the composition was he always blinded the subject with a brightly lite flash. My advice to him was shoot your next wedding with natural light only! He thought I was crazy.  I got a call a week later thanking me after her followed my advice that he made some of the best images of his life!

There are so many beautiful different kind of light. Shooting inside or out, I’m a firm believer you can shoot in any kind of light if you just look around you. There’s back lighting , (my particular favorite), side split lighting, Rembrandt lighting, flat front light, dappled patterned light and silhouette lighting. Once you understand natural light and what to do with it you’ll be able to emulate a particular lighting pattern in a studio setting using artificial lights if you have to. Below are sample images of these lighting styles. I used exclusively natural light for all of these images.

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  1. February 11, 2010 4:21 pm

    Thank you for the tips! I can’t wait the sun comes out a little to play with the different types of lighting.

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